Project Medicare Honduras

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The bright skin on the people and soothing weather of Honduras; the second largest country in Central America usually does a great job of masking the health burden faced by communities here.

The Republic of Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Central America, and its people suffer from inadequate healthcare services with some communities having little to zero access to Medicare.

Consequently, the country has a record of high infant and maternal mortality rate.

This May, ReachOut Campaigns Foundation would be organizing a medical outreach targeted at 3 communities in Atlántida, Honduras; Boca Del Toro, Mycelis and La Ausencia.

Our team of health personnel led by Dr. Jose Heriberto Waterhouse will be visiting these communities to treat the children, provide members with medical supplies and health care services ranging from medical checkup, diabetic care and dental care (including tooth extraction).

Your gift of $1 or more will help give a child or an adult in Honduras access to free healthcare and enable them live more productively, contributing to their society and the world at large.

Would you send them a doctor today?

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