Improved learning for kids

Child care has evolved with time and has become a major focus in various specs of life. Education was once attributed solely to the elite but is now considered a fundamental human right, paving the way for everyone to develop their minds.

Every child deserves proper education to say the least and a conducive learning environment at that.

The school environment is vital in the learning experience of any person because it aids each student to achieve set goals and perform at his or her best.

In Mauritius, there is a free education policy for its citizens from pre-primary to tertiary levels. Schooling was also made compulsory for up to the age of 16.

Despite the free education in Mauritius, this particular institution has suffered some infrastructural deficiencies over a period of time but received a facelift recently.

The students in Ecole Maternelle were gifted with an improved learning experience through the generous donation of sponsors and the commitment of our volunteers.

This act of kindness has left an undeniable stamp on the hearts of the parents and guardians of the children in Ecole Maternelle.

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