Yaz glanced down at her hands, slowly averting her eyes as the camera focused on her.

Her mother beamed with joy; her daughter would be getting the much needed treatment for her tooth problems. Yaz had been battling them for a while now but her parents had neither the means, nor the access to get her treated by a dentist.

Like Yaz and her mother, hundreds of people living in the small communities of Boca Del Toro, Mycelis and La Ausencia, in Honduras have very limited access to healthcare. It’s not even imaginable how people living with lifestyle illnesses and others requiring constant medical attention cope.


In response to the dire need of these communities, volunteers from ReachOut Campaigns Foundation in conjunction with medical experts, led by Dr. Jose Hernandez took free health care services to the members of these communities on the 22nd of June 2019.



The weather on this day was like every other sunny day and the atmosphere felt the same but the smiles on the faces of over half of the population at the end of the day showed that something great had happened.

Some of the medical cases attended to include diabetes, hypertension, chronic arthritis, respiratory illnesses, infections and several others.

The communities visited are poor settlements situated in San Francisco. The people living in these settlements have very little disposable incomes, depending mostly on farming and fishing as their major sources of earning. The source of water for consumption in these villages is unhealthy, so the inhabitants also suffer from water related infections and diseases.

The Medical Outreach to these communities is one of several to come, you may join us for future projects by sponsoring here or volunteering here.