Splash! Splash! And then a heart-warming smile from a child playing with some water while a parent or caregiver stands patiently by adoring the moment or maybe even taking pictures.

For people in most communities in India, this may never be a reality, not when there’s barely clean water for drinking or cooking.

India’s large population has placed a heavy demand on its natural resources including the quality of water unavoidably consumed by the vast population.

With little water supply from the ground, the population suffers an inadequacy in accessing water especially during seasons like the fast approaching summer. The people often depend on external sources to meet their daily water demand and when those external sources fail as often is the case in some communities, there’s major crisis.

The Clean Water Project is aimed at providing safe water for communities in India, this would also help to greatly reduce the spread of communicable diseases, which according to World Bank estimates, 21% of these diseases stem from the unsafe drinking water.

Your sponsorship will help our volunteers provide clean water to the people in…..community, covering over….people in India.

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