Chronic Hunger in Guatemala

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Most people in Guatemala are not able to afford basic food items. This country, South of Mexico is faced with natural disasters which can be attributed to the number of volcanoes it houses. These natural disasters and climate issues have threatened the lives of the inhabitants over the years.

But burning up of houses isn’t just the problem. Significant fractions of the country’s population still live below 2 US dollars which makes it a poverty-stricken country. This is a major cause of the increased crime rates and migration of citizens in the country.

About 50% of the children are stunted- a chronic case of malnutrition. This chronic hunger doesn’t apply to the children alone as adults struggle daily to feed in the country.

In response to this, Sponsors and Volunteers of the ReachOut Campaigns Foundation would be taking a step towards alleviating hunger within the communities.

On the 31st of May 2019, our team will be distributing food and other relief items to families in San Jose Calderas.

Your donation of $1 can provide 1 balanced meal for a child.

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