Who We Are

ReachOut Campaigns Foundation is a Not-for-profit reaching out with hope to the less privileged in our societies through various individual and community development projects in various nations of the world.

The Foundation organizes community projects to alleviate poverty and empowerment projects for young people and special needs sectors. Through these projects, we provide succor to the poor, less privileged in orphanages, aids to schools, help to prisons, donations to hospitals, remand homes, old peoples home and refugees’ camps in several countries around the world.

We empower young people and the special needs sectors through skill acquisition projects, establishment of rehabilitation centres, donation of equipment and facilities, mentoring and education.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to change lives all around the world for better, bringing hope to everyone, especially those that need it the most and providing succor to the less privileged. This we do by carrying out community, humanitarian and empowerment projects.

Our Story

The ReachOut Campaigns Foundation was established with the purpose of nation building through execution of community and developmental projects, seminars and the distribution of resource materials during national holidays in countries all around the world.

Over the past 9 years, the ReachOut Campaigns Foundation has contributed immensely to the development of various communities in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom and United States of America through several initiatives and projects which include;

Community Development

  • Provision of clean water in various communities.
  • Provision of good roads in some communities


  • Upgrade of school facilities in different cities
  • Provision of classroom furniture
  • Construction of Resource Centres with computers, Generators and UPS

Prison Outreaches

  • Construction of chapel facilities in Prisons
  • Evangelical outreaches in the prisons
  • Provision of resource centers for Prisons
  • Provision of basic amenities for the inmates

Skills acquisition program:

So far, a total of a great number of beneficiaries have participated in the skills acquisition program which includes soap making, hairdressing, tailoring etc.

Humanitarian Projects

  • Provision of free medical care
  • Provision of basic necessities and relief materials in Hospitals, Prisons and Orphanages
  • Provision of helmets, vests for bikers
  • Provision of ambulances in some states in Nigeria and Uganda
  • Provision of basic amenities to orphanages, Old People’s homes, remand homes etc.

Empowerment Projects

  • Provision of laptops for the law enforcement agents
  • Provision of security gadgets
  • Youth Empowerment Projects

Project Categories

From city to city, town to town, countries and nations, we are always at work, looking for opportunities to make impact. You can join us through the sponsorship of one or more of our projects below:

  • Project Water
  • Global Food Drives
  • ReachOut Prisons
  • Gift of Smiles to victims of war and natural disasters
  • Medicare
  • Project Edu: Education for all
  • Empowerment Initiatives
  • Project HELP