In Focus

If one can chase a thousand, and two put tens of thousands to flight, it then means that together with you, we can change the lives of millions for good.

Water Initiative Project

Give Life is a Project Water initiative of ReachOut Campaigns Foundation, aimed at providing sustainable sources of portable water to 20 communities around the world. The selected communities are desperately in need of portable water...

Send Help To Venezuela

Help keep hope alive and make life more conducive for the sick and hungry in Venezuela. Venezuela is popular for its oil production and accounts for 20% of the world’s oil reserve.

Clean Water for India

Splash! Splash! And then a heart-warming smile from a child playing with some water while a parent or care giver stands patiently by adoring the moment or maybe even taking pictures.

You can make a difference, so why don’t you?

Be The Change

There’s so much you can do. From volunteering to organize Community and empowerment projects to sponsoring humanitarian projects around the world.

Recommend A Community Project

Know any community around you that people would require aid? Then you can tell us all about it and our team would get to work assessing what needs to be done ...

Sponsor a Community Project

Making lives better is the core of ReachOut Campaigns Foundation and Community projects and humanitarian works in developing communities are an integral part of this.

Join the Volunteers

Becoming a volunteer for ReachOut Campaigns Foundation affords you the great opportunity of partaking in this global movement and changing lives around the world from right there where you are.

Who We Are

ReachOut Campaigns Foundation is a Not-for-profit reaching out with hope to the less privileged in our societies through various individual and community development projects in various nations of the world.

Our Story

The ReachOut Campaigns Foundation was established with the purpose of nation-building through execution of community and developmental projects, seminars and the distribution of resource materials during national holidays in countries all around the world.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to change lives all around the world for better, bringing hope to everyone, especially those that need it the most and providing succor to the less privileged. This we do by carrying out community, humanitarian and empowerment projects.

How We Support ?

We identify areas of dire needs in different communities around the world and work with volunteers and sponsors to meet those needs.

Why Choose to Support us?

“You are not a success until you start changing other lives permanently.”

― Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc. DD

Our true worth is not measured by how much we have or store-up but by how many lives we’ve impacted. Through ReachOut Campaigns Foundation, we bring hope to people, giving them opportunities to live a better life.

By supporting the Foundation, you make things happen for others, changing their lives, thereby experiencing true fulfilment for yourself.

Latest News

Making lives better is at the core of what we do. From provision of portable water, the distribution of food items and relief materials to donation of Ambulances to hospitals and empowerment of the populace with work equipment, the Foundation does it all.

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